Neil found himself struggling to sleep. He was tossing and turning, unable to find a position where he felt comfortable. It mostly had to do with him being in the middle of the king-sized mattress. It felt odd not to have the edge to his right even though he was rarely near it when he slept. It was like being a land-locked country with no coastline to speak of. He was in the middle, and even though he had been every night for the better part of a week it was hard to get used to. The entire reason he was in that spot to begin with was a bit too incredible to believe. He never imagined that he'd be sandwiched between two hot, naked babes during the night. It was an erotic dream come true. Perhaps that was the real reason he was struggling to sleep; the excitement of being that fortunate. That he loved them both dearly added to his level of euphoria. He loved the one to his left more than anyone in the world. That's why he married her. Yet it would be disingenuous to ignore his love for the petite blonde to his right. While it wasn't the same as what he felt for Ann there was no denying his feelings for Tina, and he was giddy thinking about how he'd gotten to sleep with her... and with Ann every night for the last eight. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ It was still hard for him to fathom that she was even there. Ann had surprised him once again, doing so in the midst of what had been another surprise. Tina was more than a surprise, really. She had been a bombshell, literally and figuratively, and his wife had pulled it off flawlessly in such a way that it seemed too good to be true. That she hadn't even planned it to work out that way made it surreal. Only Ann could take a sexy girl handjob porn gif spur of the moment change of plans and turn it into what she had. He'd been a willing pawn in yet another of one of Ann's elaborate hd super thick white chick gif. From all appearances it had been one that she'd made up on the fly; a spontaneous escapade born out of the fact that he and Thelma's crews had worked their collective asses off on Friday, meaning the shift wouldn't have to work on Saturday as expected. Ann used that stroke of good fortune to her advantage, changing the plans she had for the day. Ann convinced her naughty neighbor Felicia to sacrifice the day of intimate adventure she was going to have at her home next door. She agreed, consenting to let the women meet at Ann's house instead, doing something entirely different. Ann hoped they would want to participate in a role-playing adventure she had in mind so that Neil could be a part of it. Most of those women agreed knowing that if Ann was involved, even though it was being invented inside her head as she went along, it would be a day they'd never forget. It became more than that for all of them. Ann's exotic portrayal of Cleopatra had been an incredible success. If it had actually been a movie release it would have been extremely triple X-rated. It also would have been a summer blockbuster. It was such a hit the cast would have been lining up to sign on for a sequel or two. As it was, they all walked away feeling they'd been a part of something special. Well, most of them walked away. Felicia had to be helped home, Carol and Heather offering support because she was so fatigued and big dick tumblr threesome sex gif. They guided her across the yard late in the evening, the two of them in their bikinis as they followed their Queen's orders. Ringing the doorbell, they left her lying on her front porch; her used and abused naked body covered only in a sheet, lying on the cold concrete as she waited for her adoring husband to come to the door. For his part, Jason couldn't have been prouder of his wife as he saw her there, smiling at him. "Ready for more," he grinned as he removed the sheet to admire the marks adorning her tender ass. "Yes, please," she replied excitedly, hoping he was serious. Neil didn't know anything about that, though. He didn't even know he'd fucked his slutty neighbor, what with the blindfold he'd been wearing and the strict code of silence everyone was adhering to at the behest of his wife. From a practical standpoint it was Felicia that fucked him. He'd bucked his hips occasionally but with him being tied up as he was, he hadn't really fucked any of the women. They had all ridden his hard, restrained cock, using both it and him for their pleasure sex amature gif porn. Yet in the strictest sense he had fucked them. He'd even been sucked while he ate several of them. He knew he'd been with Carol without a doubt. It was obvious that Heather had ridden him as well. But after that he was clueless. As much as he tried, he couldn't figure out for sure who the others were, although he had plenty of sexy suspects running through his head. Ironically, Felicia wasn't one of them that seriously crossed his mind hard sex gif teen girls. He certainly had no knowledge about what she'd endured before she sank her tight pussy over his cock. He didn't know it was her that was fucking him while Carol did the same to her ass with a strap-on. While he knew his neighbor was very promiscuous and that her husband encouraged that side of her sexuality, there wasn't a scenario that he imagined where she might be one of the ones who'd used him. Neil thought Felicia was extremely attractive and he knew she was always horny. He loved the idea that Ann looked up to her in so many ways. She was a grandmother in her late 40s that also happened to be stunning, and she was very sexually active. Ann hoped to be the same when she got older; the notable exception being that little detail about fucking other guys. Felicia could and did; Ann most certainly couldn't and didn't back anal sex gif. It wasn't like it never crossed Neil's mind what it might be like to fuck Felicia. He was a man. She was all woman; one who didn't exactly hide who she was around him. She was most definitely a sexual carnivore with a known appetite for virile men. Neil just tended to see her more as that loving wife and grandmother. He never knew which one might be living next door at any given time, so he didn't totally discount her as a candidate in Ann's latest adventure. It was more that he never considered her a realistic possibility, thinking it would be too strange since he and Jason were such good friends. He also didn't know that Beth had ridden him to several climaxes just before Felicia. She'd been unable to resist the temptation of feeling such a thick shaft inside her wanting pussy. She wasn't one that would have ever popped into his head. Her reputation as the prude of the first Super Bowl party had stuck with him, even though she'd come out of her shell at the latest one. The thought that she would become the kind of woman that would be cumming all over his cock three times, and that her husband Tyler actually fit more into the mold of Jason than himself seemed ludicrous. That it was Beth and Olivia that had sucked his cock together would have stunned him. Well, more Beth than Olivia. He could totally envision her being one of the ones that fucked him. In fact he had, thinking at first that Beth was Olivia. That was until Felicia climbed on. He was convinced that she was Olivia based on the first impressions he had of her. Riding him while getting fucked with a strap-on seemed right in that vixen's wheelhouse girl face cum gif. All he knew for sure was that there seemed to be more women than he could count and he was there for their pleasure. That he received any in the process was a bonus pussy cum teen gif. The biggest just happened to be the last one. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Feeling the bed move once again Ann reached toward her nightstand, pressing the button on her clock to illuminate the time. It was three in the morning and she smiled. "At least it's Friday," she thought, worried about how Neil had been burning his cock at both ends all week long. "Thank God he doesn't have to work in the morning cocks to big to fuck gif." Neither did she. Ann was still in the midst of a long vacation, having taken ten straight days off from her job at Henrietta's House, all because Tina had finally committed to coming out to visit them. It was more than just a vacation. It was like a sexual summer holiday, the two of them getting reacquainted in so many delectable ways. All three of them, actually. Ann had a soft chuckle when she thought about where they were. She recalled how just before they'd gotten married, she'd suggested to Neil that they should slow their extramarital activities down once they committed to each other. She was worried that they were pushing things too far and too fast, thinking that once they were alone together starting their life in a new state, they should focus on just the two of them, wanting to make sure their love could continue to grow as just a couple hardcore sex fucking gif. Neil readily agreed; worried that involving outsiders so early in their young relationship could create unnecessary friction. He likened it to trying to start a diet while standing in a buffet line. With them dating literally by phone two-thousand miles apart, he felt they deserved to give each other their fullest attention once they actually shared a home as husband and wife. They had been able to for a while, with the exception of a couple of prearranged threesomes with Carol. Ann was proud of the fact that they'd gone six months without inviting anyone other than Carol into their bedroom. When she thought about that, however, she realized it was a built-in cheat, like knowing ahead you were allowed to have a slice of cake when you started that diet. And you'd get to do that more than once. It was easy to put aside the idea of having sex with someone else when you knew you were going to have sex with someone else, and you'd actually circled the day on your calendar so you could look forward to it. In all honesty Ann knew her plan to avoid any kind of temptation as far as the subject was concerned was pretty much doomed from the start. Specifically, she knew the first time she participated in stripping at that inaugural Super Bowl party. The thrill she got from doing something so brazen was to intoxicating, even though nothing sexual happened. That moment proved it was going to be impossible to keep the sexual fantasies that sometimes consumed her buried inside forever. Hell, she couldn't keep them at bay for just a couple of months. That first party was just six weeks after they moved. There were too many of fantasies that turned her on, and most seemed to somehow involve more than just herself and her loving husband. There were so many that required other people that would need to be asked to be involved in some way, even if not sexually. Ann was done in for good during their honeymoon and what the two of them shared with Dawn and Jeremy. She might have gotten away with the innocent removal of some clothing during the big game. But their honeymoon was a stark reminder of who she was, and who she and Neil were as a couple. That trip to Miami was too much fun, and they'd had too great of a time to deny that being sexually adventurous with people outside their marriage was going to be a part of their lives. Denying it would cause more damage to their marriage than embracing it. She was just happy that she'd kept her ultimate commitment to Neil. He was more than enough man for her and while she didn't mind the idea of sucking a different cock now and then, she had no desire to fuck another one besides his. The part she no longer was willing to deny was the need to satiate the feminine side of her sexuality. Wanting to be intimate with other women was an important part of her sexual identity. She grinned as she thought about how at one time the idea of calling herself bisexual made her blanch. She'd learned to embrace it, not thinking of it as a label but simply a part of who she was. While she didn't necessarily broadcast it to the world, she didn't see the need to hide it if someone close to her decided to ask. Even with all of that, Ann didn't feel like they'd been that active with regard to inviting others into their bed. She didn't count the escapades on their honeymoon really, since that was what she considered a very special occasion. And while they'd had the occasional threesome with Carol, those having been agreed to in advance, she couldn't recall having one after their first anniversary. It had been a couple of years renata daninsky porn gif. Of course, there was the fun and excitement of the three Super Bowl parties, each one becoming naughtier and more sexually charged than the last. But only during the most recent had she done anything sexual, being the lucky slut that got to eat Stacy's pussy after she won one of the pots in the gambling game they played. Other than that, they actually had cut back on their extra marital sexual games. That didn't mean she didn't think about them all the time. She found she missed the thrill of creating an adventure, with all the minute details that went into meticulously planning every facet to make them realistic. She'd planned her lesbian day, but that was over a year before. And she'd recently agreed to be in one for Felicia, but in that instance she simply accepted an invitation from her horny friend. Ann hadn't really planned it, and besides, those two examples were really for her. They were both a part of accepting the idea that she was truly bisexual and wanting to continue exploring that side of her sexuality. That Felicia's party morphed into something different wasn't what was intended at the start. As for the Super Bowl parties, the fun at the first one just happened on the spur of the moment, Martina being the one to actually start stripping. Ann had been the third to remove her top. It felt more like a dare from Carol and Martina at the time, the two of them expecting her to follow suit. It wasn't her fault she hadn't worn a bra that night. She also made it a point to follow the lead of the others ever since tumblr women erotic porn gif. Other than those events, she'd kept all her other sexual fantasies limited to things between her and her husband. They were fun and exciting, but there were none that could be quantified as adventurous by any stretch of her incredibly inventive imagination. The one thing that was obvious, what with the ease that she fell into the role of Cleopatra, was that it was a part of her life she had been suppressing far too long. Then again, maybe the reason the ability to transform herself into the Queen of the Nile came so easily to her that day was that she'd been planning a surprise for Neil for quite a while. She was already in a playful frame of mind. All she needed was an opportunity to express herself. It took Ann months to finally convince Tina to come out. Her friend was reluctant at first, mostly with the idea of leaving her business for that length of time. Tina had taken a couple of mini vacations over the last year, but being gone for ten days was a concern. Ann eventually wore her down, reminding her over and over that she'd done an incredible job of growing it. She added a third full-time girl who had experience. That move gave her two capable people to lead the staff of five part-timers. Ann said if she didn't take some time for herself, and soon, she was going to burn out and lose everything she'd worked so hard to build. That comment got Tina's attention. The thing that tipped the scales came in the form of a ripple in Tina's personal life. She had been seeing Alex off and on for the last few years. He owned a limousine company in Fort Wayne, and he was the one that drove Neil and Ann to that city the night of their wedding, before taking Tina to his place after dropping them off at the hotel suite. He and Tina began dating and had been pretty much since then. Just not exclusively. Tina had dated a couple of other guys, and she knew Alex had been with other women. Yet they always came back to each other, mostly out of convenience. That worked for the longest time, until she took stock one day in where she was in her life super cock porn gif. Alex was incredibly handsome. He was funny. He was also very successful. He could say similar things about Tina and they'd all be true. The overriding factor she couldn't ignore though was that he was always there. He was safe. Too safe... and that revelation complicated things immensely. She didn't want to be his comfort sex anymore, nor did she want him to be hers. She felt she needed some time to find herself; to figure out just what she wanted in her life. In truth, she already knew the answer. It was obvious that she wasn't really in love with him. That's why she kept dating other guys in between. She was searching for something better, just like he was. While he was great in many ways, she had to accept that the chemistry between them just wasn't quite right. It was hard to think of it as a breakup, but she did end the relationship. She missed him, and she certainly missed the sex, but she knew she needed to end the charade. It was amazing how once she finally made that decision to let go, things in her life seemed to change. Work started coming together, her staff stepping up and making great strides. She'd tested them on the short stints she'd taken off, pleased with the results she found when she returned. That bit of freedom away from work, even in short doses gave her perspective. It also opened her eyes to possibilities she hadn't considered. A new romantic interest seemed to come out of nowhere. She began seeing someone over the last couple of months. Just being around him was intoxicating; her feelings for him so strong it made her swoon every time they got together. While she didn't want to overanalyze it, the fact was it seemed much more than just the physical attraction that came easily to both of them. There were feelings. Strong ones on both sides, and she was scared. It was because of that that she decided to head to West Virginia hoping to clear her head. The intensity of this budding relationship was so heated it was taking them both by surprise. Ironically he was the one that actually suggested it would do them both good to take a break. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her, or get hurt himself because they rushed into something too fast. When she mentioned she'd been invited by a friend, giving her an actual destination for a relaxing, extended vacation, he encouraged her to go. She found that approach refreshing and it made her want him more. At the same time, she knew he was right. What she needed was some uninhibited adult fun that she didn't have to think about. Deciding that she needed to trust her shop to the girls she hired and trained, she took off early the previous Friday, heading east toward what she hoped would be a good time. Instead it was turning out to be the most incredible experience of her life. She still got wet every time she thought of how she was greeted at the door by all those naked women, and how they'd literally ripped the clothes off her body to present her to Ann on the deck. As she lay next to a restless Neil, she could practically taste Ann on her tongue, thinking about how electric it felt to lick her pussy right there in front of total strangers sex gif ass lesbian. More than likely that sweet cum was fresh in her mind because she'd actually eaten that same delicious pussy just a few hours before. Licking her lips, the familiar wetness appeared between her legs once again. She wondered if Ann could still taste her as well. She moaned when she thought of how Ann ate her pussy. Her hand started sliding down her body, letting her fingers run through the folds as she closed her eyes and dreamed of how they'd eaten each other on that very mattress. Her thumb brushed against her clit and she allowed her middle finger to touch the ring in her labia, a twinge of excitement hitting her as she remembered Ann's reaction when she first saw it. Pulling at the ring, she felt her cunt spasm a bit. "When did you get one," Ann had asked excitedly that first night together. "I got it the Saturday after you moved away. I was thinking about you and Neil, and I just got the urge. I drove to Fort Wayne where you got your piercing done." "I love it, Tina. My God it looks so sexy." "Thanks. I got mine on the other side than yours. Wanted it to be a little different, I suppose," she said bashfully. "I guess I didn't want you to think I was totally copying you, but that seems kind of silly now that you're playing with it. I have to be honest though. Wearing it reminds me of you all the time, and that makes me horny." "You were always horny before, sweetie. You're a slut... like me!" Tina was still daydreaming about how Ann leaned in, taking the ring between her teeth, pulling at it as she exhaled her hot, steamy breath over her pussy. But she snapped out of it when Neil flopped over once again, this time pressing his hard cock against Ann's fleshy bottom. That's when her friend finally responded. "Tina, it's your turn to fuck our husband," she said calmly. "What! Are you sure?" she whined as she came out of her hazy trance, letting go of her ring as if she'd been caught doing something naughty. "Yes. I fucked him the last time he woke us up," she sighed, acting as if they were talking about having to take a dog for a walk. "Oh, that's right. Can I just do it here like you did?" "No... I need to get some sleep in case he gets it up again later. And please... try and fuck him good enough this time that he'll finally stop for the night i love your cock gif." "Me? You should have taken care of that yourself two hours ago. And you call yourself a slut," she laughed, shaking her head in mock disgust. "I thought I did take care of him, sweetie. And I am a slut. He's just such a stud that two horny women can't satisfy him. That doesn't change the fact that it's your turn now." Tina giggled as she grabbed Neil by his cock, pulling him toward the edge of the bed. "Come on, hubby. Let's go find someplace to fuck so your other wife can get her beauty sleep!" ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Neil couldn't get over the shock. He'd been held captive on the bed since he'd gotten home from work. Not only had he been tied to the mattress for almost ten hours, his cock and balls had been bound off and on for most of the time. Ann would have one of the girls remove them every couple of hours, his cock going semi-hard. But each time a new woman would enter the room, on it would go, constricting his blood flow, making his shaft throb as he was being used. He'd either been fucked or sucked for who knows how long, and who the hell knew how many women there were. Well, she knew, as she'd been orchestrating the entire thing from her lounge on the deck. He didn't even know that at the time though. He had no idea Ann had dressed up like Queen Cleopatra. While he'd heard her during the day whenever she'd bothered to enter the room herself to give orders, he didn't know exactly what role she'd been playing. The rest of the women had been eerily silent, limited to moans and groans and muffled screams when they came. Of course, he'd cum too, twice. But that had been earlier in the day. Suddenly it seemed like they were going out of their way to keep him from cumming, and he'd been on the verge forever. It was almost torture. Ann had promised there wouldn't be any pain involved when she tied him up, and there hadn't been. But she failed to mention that she was going to subject him to continuous edging to bring him close and then denying him an sexy girl orgasm porn gif. And she had, deliberately. It was all a part of her plan, ordering her 'slaves' to keep him hard, using his cock for their pleasure while making sure he didn't have another orgasm. It wasn't that she was trying to be cruel. She was trying to give him a special gift while treating her friends to a day they'd hopefully never forget. She had Stacy take Felicia's place on camera duty, taking pictures of Beth fucking Neil, and then capturing Felicia taking on Neil and Carol simultaneously; her lower half getting double penetrated for the first time in her life. Then Stacy took pictures of Tina once she arrived, eating Ann on the deck, bringing her to a couple of quick, thunderous orgasms. Once that was done, the fantasy day was essentially over. There was just one more part Ann wanted to share. All of the guests watched Tina replace Felicia, climbing aboard Neil's straining purple shaft, easing her pussy over it with her back to him in a reverse cowgirl position, her feet firmly planted next to his hips as her hands pressed against his heaving chest. They watched as the sexy nymph began riding Neil in a way that made porn stars look like amateurs. At that point Ann instructed Heather and Carol that she wanted them to help take Felicia home, whispering to them how she wanted them to do it. Then she escorted everyone out of the room, closing the door to leave Tina with Neil, motioning for her to remain quiet as she fucked him. She said her goodbyes to her friends, thanking them for making the day so special. She hugged them one by one, sharing a loving, passionate kiss with each as she made her way around the small circle gathered at the front door. Taking the camera from Stacy, she told everyone they could get dressed on their own and let themselves out. "My fun's not done tonight, and I don't want yours to be either. My last command as your Queen is to order you to go home. You are to each fuck your man like you've never fucked him before!" It was late, and most of the girls needed to get home to their husbands or boyfriends. Being instructed to go home and fuck was the perfect ending to the day. All except Heather; she had no man to go home to. Ann already had that covered, with a little help from Carol. It didn't take much persuasion. Carol was on board before Ann even finished her idea. Carol invited Heather to come to her place for the night to continue their fun in the pool and Jacuzzi. She said she needed to reward Barry, who didn't know she was going to be fucking Neil that day. To do that she was going to call him and let him know she was bringing a plaything home with her and she wanted him to stop by and take advantage of them both. Heather was thrilled with the prospect of getting to fuck two different men in the same day, especially if the second one was a part of a threesome with Carol hot sexy women with big boobs gif. With all her guests getting ready to leave, Ann returned to the guest room, camera in hand. Focusing the lens, she first made sure to take some artistic pictures of how she'd tied up her husband. She wanted to capture the mood of what she'd done, hoping he could someday appreciate the beauty and grace of the sexual moment she'd created for him. It helped that Tina was now the one riding him, her petite body looking so small against his long, muscular frame. She looked like a jockey riding a thoroughbred; her eyes half closed as she threw her head back, letting her first orgasm rip through her shuddering body. When her friend calmed down, Ann walked to the head of the bed, leaning over to remove the blindfold she'd placed on Neil earlier that morning. He blinked rapidly, trying to get his eyes to adjust to the fading light of the room. When they finally did, all he could make out was the tanned back and shapely ass of the blonde riding him, her rhythm shifting to one that was slow and deliberate. He turned his head to his left, seeing how Ann was dressed, standing there in her sheer white robe, opened to reveal her perfect body. He marveled at how it was decorated everywhere with golden jewelry, accentuating her bronze tan. Leering, a wicked grin appeared on his face and she snapped at him. "How dare you stare at Queen Cleopatra when I give you my finest slave whore to worship your cock!" Grinning, he turned his attentions back to the girl riding him, amazed at how his wife had yet again pulled off one of her legendary sexual exploits. It had been so long since she'd done one that involved him. And to think this one had been impromptu, with practically no pre-planning at all. Or so he thought today big juisy ass gif. "Hi Stud!" Tina said as she turned to look over her shoulder, thrusting her crotch down over his prick harder and faster, like she used to fuck him. "TINA!" he shouted; his eyes bugging out as he realized who she was. Ann cackled as she took a few quick photos to get his reaction; first of the astonished look on his face, and then of his body as he pulled against the restraints for the first time in hours, struggling to break his binds, hoping to grab her and give her a hug. He went speechless as he fought to get loose, to no avail. Instead of stopping to untie him, Tina turned herself, her cunt still impaled on his shaft as she rotated her body lewdly to face him. She leaned forward, giving him a long, sultry kiss as she started bucking up and down harder and faster, making her big breasts bounce for him porn with saree gif. "Neil," she moaned in response as she bit at his lower lip furry yiff animations gif. "What are you doing here?" he asked foolishly. "I'm fucking my favorite cock," she smiled as she leaned back, her hands going to her tits, pulling at her nipples for him. "God... I've missed it so much." "I... I've missed you too," he replied, his eyes shifting toward the camera when it flashed again gifs throatfucked. "Oh, I never said I missed you, Stud. I've just missed your fat cock," she teased, bending again to bite at one of his nipples. "Oh... FUCK!" he snapped as she pulled at it, stretching it out. Pulling her own again, she laughed. "I'm just teasing, Neil. I've missed you too, not just your magnificent penis. And you'll have a chance to get even with me for what I'm doing to you now. I promisefree xxx gif and titty fucked." "What makes you say that?" he groaned as she sucked at his other nipple. "Because, I'm here for ten days... and I'm going to be your wife tumblr sex fantasies hidden teen porn gif!" ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The plan was actually for her to become one of his wives. Ann had come up with the idea of letting Tina experience what it would be like to be married to Neil. She'd been talking to her, the two discussing the struggle she'd been going through with her relationship with Alex. Tina confessed to feeling like she needed more. She explained to Ann that she wanted what she had, yet at the same time she confessed to being nervous about what that level of commitment might entail. She was conflicted, especially with the new man that was now in her life. It had only been a few months, but the signs were there that he could be something special. In her mind he was similar to Neil in many ways. That's when Ann told her she should come out and clear her head, convincing her it would do her good. She even said she could help her by showing her how incredible it was to be married to someone so loving, and yet so comfortable in his own skin that he allowed her the sexual freedom to explore, at least within reason. That's also when she began working out the details of her plan wwwporn pussy gif porn. When Tina agreed to come out, Ann made it a point to make sure she knew she was serious. Soon after Tina showed up, Ann split up her wedding band set, keeping the wedding ring on while allowing Tina to wear her engagement band on her ring finger. Ann wasn't sure at the time exactly what all of it would mean. She'd still be making up a great deal of what they'd do during the week as they went along. But she loved the idea of literally sharing her husband with Tina, wanting to make it more magical for all three of them. Neil was taken aback when she explained her idea later that night. It was a gesture only his incredible wife would think to offer, and he knew it was an important moment in their relationship. Ann had a habit of giving things to her friends that she held dear to her heart as a way of showing how much she loved them. The antique turquoise necklace she'd given Missy that had been a family heirloom quickly came to his mind. The idea that Ann was in essence offering Tina his hand in marriage for them to share wasn't lost on him. This was big. A tingle ran up Ann's spine when she watched him place the ring on Tina's hand once they finished fucking, wanting to make it official. In that incredible moment, Neil was reminded of the change in view Ann had apparently had in the scenario she'd just created. "I'm still surprised you wanted to do this," he chuckled, shaking his head. She was surprised he was laughing about it, but didn't take offense. Instead she asked, "Why? I think it will be fun. Don't you?" "Trust me, I'm not complaining. I just think it's funny that you've had a change of heart." Wrinkling her nose, she wondered, "What are you talking about, baby?" "Don't you remember us talking about this when we drove back from California?" "No. Not really. When did we talk about it?" "The night we spent in Salt Lake City, remember?" "Well, I remember running around naked in the parking lot for you. And I definitely remember Maryam," she grinned free gif of ass fucking. "It was in between those two," he recalled. "In fact, you brought it up because you had to go outside to get a Swiss army knife out of the car." "I brought what up?" "You were complaining about there not being a corkscrew at the front desk of the hotel, and when I told you that the woman explained that the county was dry, you said something about how it was okay to have more than one wife in Utah, but it wasn't okay to drink." "Oh... yeah," she snickered, covering her mouth as she laughed free milf sex gif. "Yeah, and then you said that if a guy was going to have a whole bunch of wives, he'd need to drink, because there was always going to be at least one of them dealing with PMS." Tina snorted at the story Neil shared but Ann simply smiled and said, "That right. But we're not in Utah, baby. In fact, we're not going to be doing anything that would require us to say Utah." She was referring to the safe word they used whenever they were going to be doing some kind of extreme BDSM game. "There's only going to be the two wives, and neither of us will be dealing with PMS or our periods while she's here." "You planned that out, did you?" "No, but it is a happy coincidence." "So, what's the plan then?" "I'm not totally sure yet. I have some ideas. Vague notions, really, but they'll come to me. They always do. I just know that I want her to feel connected to us in a way that there's no doubt she's a part of this marriage between the three of us. We're all sharing each other. I'm hoping it's going to be fun." "Oh, I have no doubt it's going to be fun, Anna," he winked, knowing just how naughty she was feeling. "I'm just curious how it's all going to work out. I don't need either of you getting jealous big milf porn gif." "I don't think you're going to have to worry about that, baby," she said as she gave him a big, wet kiss. "I promise I won't get jealous of Tina." "And I won't get jealous of Anna," Tina added. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ If anyone got jealous during the course of the week, it was Neil. That first weekend had been amazing; the three of them acting like newlyweds on their honeymoon. None of them bothered to get dressed until sometime on Sunday and that was only so they could go out and have breakfast together. As soon as they got home, they were naked and back in bed... or wherever else two or more of them decided to have sex. There were even a few times where it was just one, as Neil caught both Tina and Ann masturbating at various times with a dildo or a vibrator somewhere in the house when the mood and desire would hit them. It was such an oversexed weekend that he felt a bit of relief that he had to go back to work on Monday morning. That is until he returned home that afternoon erotic nsfw gif tumblr. That's when the jealousy kicked in. Or at the very least he was envious. Not only because his two wives didn't have to be anywhere, having both taken time off of work; they also didn't have to worry about how many times they came or if they might be able to go again. They seemed to have an endless amount of orgasms at their disposal, while he didn't. It was like comparing a machine gun with a revolver. Or for Neil, it was Bond's Walther PPK. Unlike them, he only had so many bullets in the clip and he needed to make them count. He couldn't help but be a little disappointed that he couldn't participate as often as they could. Not that he had any reason to complain. Ann and Tina went out of their way to make his return home from work into special events. Either one or the other would greet him at the door with a beer in their hand, wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of sexy heels. They had both greeted him at the door on Wednesday because it was hump day, Ann wanting to stay connected to what that phrase represented at her job. They worked in tandem, taking off his clothes and having their way with him right there at the front door as soon as they'd closed it. They actually traded off the other days. Not just with Neil, but with other domestic duties as well. Tina greeted him on Monday, taking him to the loveseat, fucking him senseless, making sure she did all the work. Ann vacuumed the living room in just her heels, going so far as to dust the furniture around them as well. On Tuesday Ann welcomed him home by sucking his cock in the living room while he sat in his Lay-Z-Boy, her throat easily taking his entire length. Her tongue bathed the base of his sack whenever she held her lips against his pubic bone. He guided her head up and down as he nursed a beer, gazing out the French door with a wandering eye curvy porn gif. That's because Tina was out on the deck, cooking burgers on the grill wearing just a short apron and heels. He watched her bare, sexy ass and just a hint of her side-boobs as she flipped the meat like a pro. She timed the cooking perfectly, having dinner on the table just as Neil came inside Ann's cunt, her back to him as she used the rocking motion of the chair to fuck him hard and deep. Thursday Tina took Neil into the master bedroom when he came home, the two of them frolicking on the mattress as Ann ironed and folded laundry, making her way in and out of the room over a dozen times to put away towels and clothes. He found that interesting, because most of the clothes were his. The wives hadn't been wearing that many, at least around the house. That was one of Ann's rules. Neil was the only one allowed to wear clothes when they were at the house... unless one of the girls decided to wear some kind of sexy lingerie for him. He was in heaven, with the notable exception of having to go work each day while they stayed at home, playing with each other. The only upside was he would use that time so his body could recuperate. He needed it, knowing he would be fucking one of them almost as soon as he walked into the happy home. They were all in the bedroom when the doorbell rang that Thursday afternoon. Tina had her legs placed on his shoulders as he bent her backward, drilling her cunt just the way she liked. "Be a dear and get the door," she said as she looked at Ann standing next them behind the ironing board as she worked and watched. "I'm kind of busy right now." "So am I," she said in mocking tone, walking down the hallway absentmindedly. She'd been naked for so long it didn't dawn on her that she was heading to the front door with just her heels on. When she turned the corner, she became excited, seeing who was standing there peering through the window in the door. And it was obvious he was excited too... and more than a little stunned. It wasn't until she reached for the deadbolt to unlock it that she realized her state of undress. She'd noticed her reflection in the glass. At that point it was too late; he'd already seen pretty much everything there was to see. Then again maybe he hadn't, and that wicked thought caused her nipples to harden as she opened the door with a naughty smile on her face.